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Contest of the Week

Historic Headlines

We invite you to enter this week's contest which is entitled Historic Headlines. We challenge you to create a headline for a newspaper of your choosing on a given day in history. The headline should be grabbing, pithy, ironic, or just memorable.

For instance, here are a couple we we thought of:

  • Valley Forge Times, February 25, 1778: Baron von Steuben Drills Select Troops at Valley Forge; Cold Comfort for the Americans?
  • Boston Herald, March 2 1862: Howe Releases Hit Hymn Arousing "Grape" Expectations

We bet you can do better. The winner selected by our judges will receive a little Liberty Bell so you can ring in your victory.

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Your Entry*:

If you are a winner, you will be contacted by email for your mailing address. Good luck!

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